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Quality Control
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Quality Control

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection is a process of checking the quantity of parts, internal package, moisture indicator, desiccation and external package, and then verifying secondary coating, pin condition, sanding marks, foreign materials, manufacturer logo position and fonts printed including date code and country of origin.

Heated Chemical Test

HCT(Heated Chemical Test) is a process of verifying the condition of part’s surface by exposing part into a special chemical heated a certain temperature to ensure whether it has sanding marks, cracks, chips, secondary coating or fonts printed.


Programming test is suitable of parts including EPROM, parallel and serial FPGA, FPGA, configured serial PROM, flash memory, BPROM, NOVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, microcontroller unit, MCU and standard logical circuit.


X-ray Test is a non-destructive and real-time analysis for internal hardware components of parts by comparison between the current available samples and parts from the previous procurement, including pin frame, die size, bond wire, ESD damage and voids.

Solderability Test

Solderability test is testing the solderability in pin to check whether it reaches the standard or not.

Decap Test

Decap Test is a process of verifying parts reliability by inspecting its die, die size, manufacturer marking, copyright and date code, die code.